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Ladli is all about keeping traditional art & cottage industries alive.
In a fast consumer world this can be a challenge.
Against the odds I've persisted in working with small groups of people,
mainly families, that are still involved in cottage industries.
These include hand printing textiles, printing using hand made blocks and screen,
hand embroidery and beading.
All of these methods applied to sustainable fabrics such as linen,
cotton, bamboo and silk.
So when you purchase a Ladli garment keep in mind that your not
just buying a unique piece that you will have forever but you are also
supporting traditional art and families.


Ermalinda’s Fashion background started at a very young age. 
She was just 4 years old when her aunt who had completed a successful 
fashion career working in the design studios of Valentino in Rome began to
pass on her skills to the young girl.
Her dolls became her mannequins as she created garments for them
from Valentino fabrics. 
Ermalinda’s working career spanning more than 20 years has included
designing jewellery collections for well-known international jewellery houses. 
Her fashion career has taken her to many exotic & remote places to study the
 art of fabric design, creating natural colours & hand embroidery.
Her focus is to create timeless pieces rather than fashion so it can be
worn year after year.

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